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Christoph Steinemann

Christoph Steineman's work can be divided into digital paintings, moving paintings and sculptures. His digital paintings are a fusion of photography, digital image editing, painting and drawing. In a work-intensive process photographs are fragmentized, re-edited and put together again in a new screen like a kind of collages. The final layer in the process, the abstract figures, play a central role as to comment and communicate with the background. This intuitive process transforms the photographs out of their digital image anonymity into something very personal, condensing reality, chaotic emotions and design austerity into archaic multilevel dimensions. The seemingly decorative and flat picture pulls the viewer into its depths pulsating with stories of lives and desires.

Inspired by the gigantic billboards and vast advertising space, characterizing American cities and countryside, Steinemann created his first moving paintings in 1992. They are painted on a sliding, continuous canvas he specifically developed. So, like a conveyor belt, they move by the viewer, displaying ever-changing, new images and colour compositions. His moving paintings' main features are the colours - intense, striking and expressive.

Stoneman specifically uses limits, lines and regular areas to transpose the drawing, the line, into plastic paintings. He bends a line into the third dimension by sheer physical force sometimes. Clearly that's what happened to his colour stick figures; they are bent steel tubes, figures out of stoneman's paintings come to life. Christoph Steinemann's work shows a new topology of comic abstraction to address perplexing issues.

Christoph Steineman's works form part of several private collections and have been exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Zurich, Montreux, Berlin, Milan, Florence and Bermudas (only to mention a few).